Welcome to the website of Andrzej Wałęga’s Nursery Farm! My company has been functioning on the basis of multigenerational family traditions. For many years I have been creating my strong position in the market, working hard and systematically. In my farm I produce mainly fruit trees with the WW (virus-free) and CAC (meeting minimum requirements) statuses as well as generative and vegetative rootstocks.

I have been continually working on the company’s modernisation. I introduce a wider and wider range of tree and bush varieties and species into my offer, and I make sure that my customers receive the goods of the highest quality.

All our products regularly undergo appropriate tests in the Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service. Their advantage is pristine health and virus freedom. I am a wholesaler and retailer both in our country and abroad. I belong to the Subcarpathian Association of Producers of the Nursery Material which makes me obliged to meet the highest standards. To be able to meet the expectations I have been constantly increasing the farm’s equipment by necessary devices and modern facilities. Wishing to gain a good reputation among customers, I provide them with comprehensive information and willingly share my wide experience with them, giving professional advice. I encourage all of you to visit my nursery farm and I thank my regular customers for the cooperation and trust. I am looking forward to doing business with you.

Why trees from Zasów?

The trees from our farm are characterised by the highest quality that has been worked out by multigenerational traditions. All our products are compliant with the strict standards of the Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service which results from the great experience of the persons who run the farm and their passion for nursery. Because of this, our customers do not have to worry about the health of our trees and bushes, due to the fact that they are free of viruses. As an active member of the Association of Producers of the Nursery Material we continuously improve our business and develop it under the watchful eye of this institution. The trees from Zasów are not only a perfect product but also a fruit of the work with heart and soul put in it.

Subcarpathian Association of Producers of the Nursery Material

Andrzej Wałęga’s Nursery Farm belongs to the Subcarpathian Association of Producers of the Nursery Material for many years. This institution provides its members with the specially selected nursery material used for planting so-called productive orchards. It allows for the production of trees of the quality comparable to the one of the best nurseries in the world. What is more, the products from such productive orchards are distinguished by extraordinary health: they are free of viruses. The Subcarpathian Association of Producers of the Nursery Material promotes the new varieties of fruit trees as well: thanks to them we have e.g. the apples of Golden Delicous and Jonagored types liked so much by customers. The farm in Zasów, which is a member of the Association, moves with the times as well and tries new varieties – all of this to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.


You do not know which tree variety to buy? You need professional advice how to properly plant the purchased tree? Or you just want to buy tree seedlings e.g. for your garden or orchard? If this is the case, feel free to contact us or make an appointment to visit us at our farm!